The Lannisters Send Their Regards

Game of Thrones isn't really a TV show for everyone. It has incest, twisted murders, frivolous sex, grotesque organ chopping, frequent nudity and gore of the nth order. That being said, I will now proceed to explain just how awesome Game of Thrones is.

When you play a game of thrones you win or you die.

Game of Thrones is a complex phenomenon you never quite understand unless you read the plot summary on Wikipedia as and when you're watching the corresponding episode. I felt like an absolute country hunch-bumpkin as I watched the first episode, unable to wrap my head around concepts which were beyond me. It's alright if you felt that way. You're not alone.

So this amazingly well written series is all about family feuds. No, I don't mean soap-opera-family feuds like. I mean let's-kill-my-fiancee's-father-and-exhibit-to-her-his-severed-head like. Yes. You have several houses (some rich, some poor; some smart, some not) plotting against each other to be the sole occupant (rightful or not) of the Iron Throne. By watching this series, you are signing up for betrayal, HEARTBREAK, surprise and lots and lots of drama. Again, not the soap opera type drama.

"Fear cuts deeper than swords."

The thing about this medieval drama is that however strong you are, whatever tribulations you've been through, however cold your heart might be, YOU. WILL. CRY. You will weep for every life taken (human or other), for every battle lost, for every woman raped and for every wrong choice made. But you realise the series goes on. Even when the person the whole story was about dies at the end of Season One. And when you think there are no more character alive for this show to go on. It goes on. How, you think. I'll tell you how: George RR Martin is a genius who always has his way, that's how.