TV Series Review: The Flash (2014)

The Flash TV Show is the bomb, folks!

A long time ago, a good friend of mine urged me to watch the all new Flash TV series. I watched the first episode for her sake and abandoned the whole idea of continuing it because a) I did not have any time and b) I was already watching too many TV series. To invest myself and the little free time I had on another TV series seemed too much for me and hence, resulted in abandonment.

Recently, however, I found myself having more free time and decided to give the Flash another go since I seemed to quite like the first episode a lot. I then realized that I was falling for the show. My mind whirled with these questions ‘how could I have possibly abandoned such an amazing show before?’ and ‘What was wrong with me?’ It was pointless asking those questions because it was obvious that I was insane and so (without giving much thought to my insanity), I proceeded to binge watch all the episodes I missed. Till 3.00 am in the morning. (Please note: I am not a night person. It is almost impossible for me to stay awake after 11.30 pm. This shows how amazing The Flash TV series is.)

My obsession toward this series has no limits.
  • I stalked all the stars on all social media platforms.
  •    Annoyed every single person by forcing them to watch it.
  • Kept narrating the story every night to my father so I’ll have one more person to give me company in obsessing over the show. (I’m still working on it.)
  •  Called that very, very good friend of mine every time an episode ended in a cliff-hanger and crazy talked for hours. In fact, due to our combined craziness some of our other friends watched it too and fell in love with it. See, it’s high time you start watching it too. Or just let me know, I’ll crazy talk you into it.
  •   Was almost about the sketch all the characters in the Flash and then I realized I’m too lazy. (Still working on overcoming said laziness.)
  •   And now, I’m writing this and definitely gonna shove it up on everyone’s feed. (That’s what I think I’m gonna end up doing. Refer aforementioned ‘laziness’.)

Right, now, about the show. It is absolutely fantastic. It is as fast as the Flash himself. It is superbly entertaining and that one hour you spend watching this show, that’s going to a very, very happy hour, indeed.

The show starts off with a bang, a scientific experiment gone wrong, humans getting super powers (meta-humans), Flash becoming Flash and lots of bad meta - humans busting! Hold on, there’s way more this show than what I just said. I’m a very good person and I will not spoil a single thing except by saying that there are lots and lots of plot twists. Be prepared to have your world blown away

The show might start off in such a way that it might give you the impression that each and every episode will have Flash busting criminals. If that’s what you’re thinking, then you’re sadly mistaken. You don’t know how many twists and turns this series contains. Your jaw will be on the floor by the time you’re done watching the episodes. (You can thank me later for putting this out there.)

The Show's actors have done an excellent job in portraying the characters and Grant Gustin <3 He is the best Flash ever! And Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh), his acting is just so damn cool. I don't know how else to explain his super cool I'm-way-too-awesome-for-this kind of demeanour. Iris, an aspiring journalist is also super awesome beacuse she has a lot of encounters with The Flash and she writes a blog about him. (Why aren't there any super heroes in this world? I'll be glad to write stuff about them! If only they were real! *dramatic sigh*)

A little embarrassing side note completely unrelated to this so-called review: Thank you very much Smrithi for sending this amazing snapshot of my noteworthy error of misreading his name. Yes, I did misread his name and yes, I kind of told everyone ‘Gary Gustin’ is the best Flash ever and well, you know the rest. Gary sounded a lot like Barry and I guess my brain just decided to read ‘Grant’ as ‘Gary’. WHOOPS.

There are tons of websites that will offer you a way, way better review of the show but this is just my random, completely biased opinion. The show’s terrific. And you better watch it.

Plethora of reactions while watching episodes from the show:
-          Whoa
-          Awww, so cute!
-          What
-          This can’t be happening.
-          WTH
-          HUH?
-          Wait, what again?
-          Hold on, I gotta wait another week for the next episode? What if I die out of anticipation?

So, should you watch it? A resounding YES.
Rating: 8.5/10


  1. I watched the first episode of The Flash and I liked it alright. I sorta forgot about it though and haven't seen any of it since. I will probably watch it eventually. I do hear it's good!

    Vicarious Caytastrophe

    1. Hello, Cayt! Do watch it some time. It is really good :)

      - Harshitha

  2. I really need to start watching this series.I am a huge fan of Arrow,and I adored Barry's character when he appeared in it.He's so cute,isn't he?:)

    On a side note,if you don't mind me asking,are you guys Tamils?

    1. It's a great show! Yep, Grant is really cute! Yes, we are Tamils.

      - Harshitha

    2. That's great!I am Tamil as well!You guys are the first fellow Tamilian bloggers I've come across.

  3. This show totally slipped under my radar, which is a shame, because that boy is cuuute, hehe. I love binge-watching shows...this might just be the next one. I love it when a show is obsess-worthy and you can't hep yourself from stalking all the actors & watching interviews, etc. Great review!