All New Music

Music made my life brighter, it made me see the world with a different outlook. Every song I heard, every word I listened to pieced together my soul. Music made me whole in an inexplicable way. Doesn't matter which song or who sang it. Music can change your life once you give it a chance! Music can be your buddy. It can be you and music against the world. It can be your chaperon that can show you the  way to happiness.

"Music oft hath such a charm
  To make bad good,and provoke to harm"  - William Shakespeare

As Shakespeare said (yes, I can quote Shakespeare. I'm cool like that) music has the power to turn a sorrowful situation into a happy one, it can make a bad situation turn to a real good one.This just proves that music has the ultimate power to change.

So from all this stuff you can understand that I am damn passionate about music but there is also another fact that you should know about me, I can also sing. I don't know if it's good or bad but I know that my friends like it a lot! (I think). I'll let you be the judge of that.

I use the app called SMULE to sing and make music. My friend (One of the three crackpots) makes videos for me. This is the first time I'm ever releasing something so hopefully you guys can enjoy it :)