TV Series Review: The Flash (2014)

The Flash TV Show is the bomb, folks!

A long time ago, a good friend of mine urged me to watch the all new Flash TV series. I watched the first episode for her sake and abandoned the whole idea of continuing it because a) I did not have any time and b) I was already watching too many TV series. To invest myself and the little free time I had on another TV series seemed too much for me and hence, resulted in abandonment.

Recently, however, I found myself having more free time and decided to give the Flash another go since I seemed to quite like the first episode a lot. I then realized that I was falling for the show. My mind whirled with these questions ‘how could I have possibly abandoned such an amazing show before?’ and ‘What was wrong with me?’ It was pointless asking those questions because it was obvious that I was insane and so (without giving much thought to my insanity), I proceeded to binge watch all the episodes I missed. Till 3.00 am in the morning. (Please note: I am not a night person. It is almost impossible for me to stay awake after 11.30 pm. This shows how amazing The Flash TV series is.)

My obsession toward this series has no limits.
  • I stalked all the stars on all social media platforms.
  •    Annoyed every single person by forcing them to watch it.
  • Kept narrating the story every night to my father so I’ll have one more person to give me company in obsessing over the show. (I’m still working on it.)
  •  Called that very, very good friend of mine every time an episode ended in a cliff-hanger and crazy talked for hours. In fact, due to our combined craziness some of our other friends watched it too and fell in love with it. See, it’s high time you start watching it too. Or just let me know, I’ll crazy talk you into it.
  •   Was almost about the sketch all the characters in the Flash and then I realized I’m too lazy. (Still working on overcoming said laziness.)
  •   And now, I’m writing this and definitely gonna shove it up on everyone’s feed. (That’s what I think I’m gonna end up doing. Refer aforementioned ‘laziness’.)

Right, now, about the show. It is absolutely fantastic. It is as fast as the Flash himself. It is superbly entertaining and that one hour you spend watching this show, that’s going to a very, very happy hour, indeed.

Movie Review: Les Miserables (Tom Hooper)

So, I recently (12 hours ago) watched Les Miserables and I absolutely loved it (I know I am late to the club by a few millennia but can we move on?). I generally don’t like musicals (they can make normal speech into a song that always sounds opera-ish. For example: Sentence – I want to poop. How they say it in musicals – IIIIIIIIIIIIIII (for 5 seconds in bass voice); waaaaant toooo (for 2 seconds in shrieky voice); poooooooooooop (5 seconds in bass voice again)), but I decided to watch this one because I am on an Eddie Redmayne spree and Eddie Redmayne is perfect.

I have to say Les Miserables is a work of art that deserves more recognition.  Tom Hooper did a wonderful job in making sure every scene stays intact, no words lost, in the great ocean that is a musical.

The actors/singers were brilliant in bringing in the emotions and feelings to each scene.  Hugh Jackman, in all his manly glory, played the rough role of a convict, the vulnerable role of a changed man, the secretive role of a model citizen, the loving and protective role of a father with ease and grace. He sang like it was his only mean of living, putting his all into his songs.

Anne Hathaway, goddammit, looked unnervingly beautiful all through the film. Her role, as Fantine, was that of a single mother who was forced to give her little Cosette away because of her heart breaking poverty. She loses her job, because, to put it plainly, the people she worked with were a-holes and becomes a prostitute just so she can pay her monthly dues to the family taking care (the Thenardiers, they weren’t taking care of Cosette) of her child. Hathaway portrays the heart-wrenching misery in an exceptional way and I feel she deserves her Oscar as much as Leo deserves one. To put it simply, the screen space she occupies in this movie is inversely proportional to the grief she inflicts.

All New Music

Music made my life brighter, it made me see the world with a different outlook. Every song I heard, every word I listened to pieced together my soul. Music made me whole in an inexplicable way. Doesn't matter which song or who sang it. Music can change your life once you give it a chance! Music can be your buddy. It can be you and music against the world. It can be your chaperon that can show you the  way to happiness.

"Music oft hath such a charm
  To make bad good,and provoke to harm"  - William Shakespeare

As Shakespeare said (yes, I can quote Shakespeare. I'm cool like that) music has the power to turn a sorrowful situation into a happy one, it can make a bad situation turn to a real good one.This just proves that music has the ultimate power to change.

So from all this stuff you can understand that I am damn passionate about music but there is also another fact that you should know about me, I can also sing. I don't know if it's good or bad but I know that my friends like it a lot! (I think). I'll let you be the judge of that.

Time, Dark Knight and Other Such Zimmer Craze

Every time I wish to escape, to escape inside a world of my own creation, a world that thrums and lives off music, I go to the one and only, the God of Music, Hans Zimmer. With his music, I can weave the best kind of worlds inside my head where I’m this kickass person, a complete polar opposite of my reality, with flashing blue hair and daggers strapped to my thighs riding on dragons, defeating Evil, being a hero and then being Evil itself. It’s my world. I can be anyone I want for however long I want with Zimmer’s music creating diabolical scenarios inside my head. (I have an inexplicable love for villains and all broken things.)

There’s this enigmatic part to Zimmer’s pieces, his instrumental pieces where no one’s screaming for help, where no one’s calling for dead loved ones, where no one’s rapping away with their complete heart and soul, where no one’s recalling about life and memories and where no one’s verbalizing about anything and yet his pieces bring me to tears. His music speaks louder than words. It is pure magic. It is pure euphoria. It is pure music.

Zimmer’s music is utterly and devastatingly beautiful. Why devastating, you ask? Because his music is poignant and glorious and it always evokes one’s deeper emotions. Hans Zimmer is well known for creating excellent instrumentals for Inception, Interstellar, The Dark Knight and other such well known movies. His music will make your heart dance and leap, it will make your heart sing and yearn for that moment you’ve been waiting for and it will leave you with goose bumps and chills.
Hans Zimmer’s pieces will take you to a place beyond your wildest imaginations. It will take you to the future, the past or it will take to amazing places, places you’ve never seen or heard of in the present. It will take you out of this world.