Movie Review: Love, Rosie (Christian Ditter)

"Outrageously funny and charming?" Dafuq did I watch?!

Watching Love, Rosie was traumatic and cringe-worthy. Easily fooled by IMDb’s relatively high rating, I proceeded to watch this crappy, stinky, awful little movie. With each scene causing almost  physical pain, I was on the verge of giving up. But I didn’t. And I feel I deserve a whole jar of cookies for that. The film was bad.

To illustrate my point better, here’s a list of all my withheld comments:

-aww, that’s cute. I always wanted a guy best friend.
-I don’t know about THIS guy best friend though. I want to do a lot of things to him and they aren’t very best friend-ish.
-loooooook, she got into BU. Good girl.
-good girl gone very, very bad. She’s knocked up, what the hell.
-he got into Harvard, that’s nice. But they want him there in 3 days? I know it is the best school in the world, but they want him tie up all his loose ends, say goodbye to basically his entire life and make a transatlantic journey within 3 days? Wow.
-her parents are ok with her pregnancy? Wait what? If Ma ever came to find that I had so much as kissed a guy, she would kill me and bring me back alive so she can kill me again.
-*for the next one hour* ugh guys, stop making such bad choices.
-I mean, I can’t exactly judge because *I* made a REALLY bad choice by watching this rotten film.
-he’s also married now. Does that mean we can stop watching the movie? No?
-Baby Jesus, please kill me.
-kill me.
-kill me.
-kill me.

Just kidding.

The review still goes on. (My editor won’t apparently accept a short one.)
Anyway, coming back to Love, Rosie: it is a badly made movie about a trashy girl who can make more bad choices than the entire set of Twilight characters and a best friend who to me, looks like a fucking asshole. Excuse the profanity.

 The movie reeks of bad dialogues and horrible acting. From the ever-kind Rosie to the extremely fake Alex to the ever-incredulous pharmacist-turned-receptionist-turned-best friend, everything about this movie seemed to be wrong.

To conclude with, this movie is a waste of your time, money (if you’re not going to watch it illegally like me) and brain cells.
Trust me.

So should you watch it? Hell, no.

Rating:  3.0 / 10


  1. Of course I won't accept a short one when you can rant and rant and never stop! <3 Great post, by the way :)

    - Harshitha :)

  2. Love this review because it's so true and accepting. I haven't watched the movie yet, but I don't think I want to now :P

    Alex @ The Book's Buzz

    1. Aww, how sweet! Thank you, Alex! :)
      And, yes. This movie is not worth your time! There are movies that are exponentially better out there and I think we do an injustice to those movies (THAT DESERVE TO BE WATCHED) by wasting our time and energy on crass ones like this.


  3. Noooo, what a disappointment! I was planning to watch Love, Rosie sometime soon, because I'm in the mood for some heartwarming (and maybe slightly cheesy) romantic comedies, and like you said, the fairly high rating on IMDb was enticing, but this is making me second guess my decision... To be honest, though, I'm still kind of curious. Like, how bad can this show get? I'm morbid that way. ;)

    Yeah, my parents would ground me forever if I kissed anyone.

    Another thing that's disappointing is the bad acting you mentioned. I mean, Lily Collins and Sam Claflin aren't amateur actors -- they've been in quite a few notable films, so it's weird that they would be so bad here. Dammit, this is making me want to watch the show even more now, if not just to mime puking in front of the computer screen.

    Hilarious review, though, and I loved the honesty. :D

    1. Hello, Megan! Thank you so much! :)
      I know right? I was shocked! Even I was in the mood for a cheesy rom com that would make my insides feel all gooey but this one just made me feel like I had consumed a dozen rotten eggs.
      My favorite rom coms are Silver Linings Playbook, WHEN HARRY MET SALLY,10 Things I Hate About You (Heath Ledger :*), Warm Bodies and Going The Distance! Do try to watch these some time (we can even fangirl about them together)!
      This movie was the epitome of bad acting. Let me be honest, I chose this movie to watch for Sam Claflin's incredible looks but what a let down it was!
      You can watch this wack movie but at the cost of your sanity! :P Love, Rose can make bad decision makers feel incredibly good about themselves!