Movie Review: Love, Rosie (Christian Ditter)

"Outrageously funny and charming?" Dafuq did I watch?!

Watching Love, Rosie was traumatic and cringe-worthy. Easily fooled by IMDb’s relatively high rating, I proceeded to watch this crappy, stinky, awful little movie. With each scene causing almost  physical pain, I was on the verge of giving up. But I didn’t. And I feel I deserve a whole jar of cookies for that. The film was bad.

To illustrate my point better, here’s a list of all my withheld comments:

-aww, that’s cute. I always wanted a guy best friend.
-I don’t know about THIS guy best friend though. I want to do a lot of things to him and they aren’t very best friend-ish.
-loooooook, she got into BU. Good girl.
-good girl gone very, very bad. She’s knocked up, what the hell.
-he got into Harvard, that’s nice. But they want him there in 3 days? I know it is the best school in the world, but they want him tie up all his loose ends, say goodbye to basically his entire life and make a transatlantic journey within 3 days? Wow.
-her parents are ok with her pregnancy? Wait what? If Ma ever came to find that I had so much as kissed a guy, she would kill me and bring me back alive so she can kill me again.
-*for the next one hour* ugh guys, stop making such bad choices.
-I mean, I can’t exactly judge because *I* made a REALLY bad choice by watching this rotten film.
-he’s also married now. Does that mean we can stop watching the movie? No?
-Baby Jesus, please kill me.
-kill me.
-kill me.
-kill me.

Just kidding.

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